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Meet Jesus - The Who Matters

Jesus has a conversation with a lawyer about what matters most in life. As they are talking, the lawyer asks a question about neighbors so he could find a loophole to justify his way of life. He hasn't been the best neighbor. Jesus sees through it but instead of arguing with the guy, he starts sharing a story about neighboring to get to the core of this lawyer's motivations. The lawyer is about himself, not others. The word to love your neighbor is war on the self. There isn't room to be selfish and be a good neighbor. This lawyer is in for a huge surprise, but first Jesus sets the stage for the story.

Each week, as you take in the Bible, find some friends to talk it out. You can follow this simple guide to help. First, R.E.A.D. and P.R.A.Y. on your own. Then, meet with friends to share what you've learned.

R - Repeated words

E - Examine and mark

A - Ask what you learn about God

D - Do if there is anything to do

P - Praise

R - Repent

A - Ask

Y - Yield

Sunday's Message Text: Luke 10:25-30 

Bible Plan Reading - Week 49


  • We are in a teaching series Like a Good Neighbor, focused on "neighboring". From Sunday's message or the Meet Jesus Bible Reading Plan this week, what is impacting you the most? Was there a word, phrase, Bible verse, or theme that impacted you?



  • Look at Luke 10:29. Why would this lawyer (who knows God's law) desire to "justify himself"? How do you do this?

  • How is the lawyer's question transactional vs transformational? What's the difference? What is the connection between loving God and loving your neighbor?

  • Consider the actual question in Luke 10:29. What is the question and what makes it a challenge? What keeps us from neighboring?

  • How does Jesus respond in Luke 10:30? What can you gether from the 2 words "Jesus replied"? What does Jesus NOT do?

  • From Luke 10:30, how does Jesus begin the story? What are the details of the man in the story? Look up Luke 6:27-29,32-36. How does Jesus say to treat others no matter what? What's the reason provided?


  • Do you agree that the word to neighbor is a war on the self?

  • Is neighboring something you think about more or less?

  • Someone said this about the struggle to be a good neighbor: "I am amazed at my ability to find a loophole. My first instinct is to make excuses. We do this so naturally, we don't even realize we're doing it." What reasons can you think of why we don't love your neighbor?

  • What is 1 first step you can take to be a good neighbor this week? Do you know the names of your 8 closest neighbors? Start there. (more on this next Sunday)

  • How can you go to war on the self this week to bless others?


Jesus is good at neighboring. We moved into our neighborhood. Christmas is a time to think about how He did it. How did he empty himself to be a good neighbor? Take a moment to thank Jesus for doing what needed to be done to be a good neighbor.


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