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Groups at Cornerstone

There's room for you.

There's a place for you let's find the best fit for you. Our groups meet either on Sundays or during the week. Some people prefer a group that meets at our church building. Some people like the home feel and prefer to meet during the week. The point is people get to meet to share their lives, share what they are learning from the Bible, and share friendship. Groups are a place to belong and then serve together.


You can message us about a specific group and we can get you all the details. Our groups listed here are open and anyone is welcome to check them out. 

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Find community.

A smaller group option is "circles". These are 3-4 people of the same gender that meet to discuss the 2023 Bible Reading Plan and talk it out. We provide a weekly discussion guide to help. For example, one circle meets Fridays at 8 am at a local coffee shop for 1 hour. These are more invite-based, so if you're interested in joining a circle, message us and we will connect you to a circle. 

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