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Meet Jesus - Our Reward

Each week, as you take in the Bible, find some friends to talk it out. You can follow this simple guide to help. First, R.E.A.D. and P.R.A.Y. on your own. Then, meet with friends to share what you've learned.

R - Retell it P - Praise

E - Examine it R - Repent

A - Apply it A - Ask

D - Discuss it Y - Yield

Sunday's Message Text:

Bible Plan Readings - Week 28


  • Think about rewards. What does the word "reward" mean? What reward from God have you most cherished so far in your life?


  • From Sunday's message in Matthew 6, or the Meet Jesus Bible Reading Plan this week, what is impacting you the most? Was there a word, phrase, Bible verse, or theme that impacted you? Hint: What did you highlight

  • What 3 examples are mentioned by Jesus in the verses 1-18? What is the warning in verse 1?

  • What is God looking for in these 3 examples of Kingdom living? (verse 4, 16, 18) What does God pay attention to?

  • How does P.R.A.Y. fit with the Lord's Prayer in verses 9-13? Where do you see praise, repentance, asking, and yielding?


  • Who can you give to this week?

  • What’s coming up next week that you need to stop and pray about right now? Are you willing to follow through?

  • What day could you fast this week?

  • What part of your life is vulnerable to hypocrisy?


  • Does your happiness comes from claps and clicks...or "well done, my child" (From God)? Do you believe God's reward is better?


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