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Meet Jesus - Storyteller Part IV

One generation is all it takes...good or bad, to follow God or forget God. At the end of the book of Joshua, God's people have to decide if they will follow or forget. In his old age, Joshua has final thoughts for the people. It's up to them to choose.

Each week, as you take in the Bible, find some friends to talk it out. You can follow this simple guide to help. First, R.E.A.D. and P.R.A.Y. on your own. Then, meet with friends to share what you've learned.

R - Repeated words

E - Examine and mark

A - Ask what you learn about God

D - Do if there is anything to do

P - Praise

R - Repent

A - Ask

Y - Yield

Sunday's Message Text: Joshua 24

Bible Plan Readings - Week 36


  • We are currently in a teaching series called Storyteller based on the story of God in Joshua. From Sunday's message in Joshua 24 or the Meet Jesus Bible Reading Plan this week, what is impacting you the most? Was there a word, phrase, Bible verse, or theme that impacted you?


  • In Joshua 24:1-13, what did Joshua do in his old age? Why did he do that?

  • In Joshua 24:14-15, what 3 things did Joshua tell the people to do? Does this apply to your life today?

  • What is the people's response to Joshua in 24:16-18, and what is the reason they give for their response? How does their response point to generational faithfulness?

  • What is impossible according to Joshua in 24:19-23? What do God's people have to decide?

  • Read Joshua 24:24-29. What is the people's final word to Joshua in 24:24? As we wrap up the book, what's 1 thing you will take away from the book of Joshua?


  • How do you think you are doing with being faithful to God? Have you made your choice whom you will live for? Whose voice do you listen to the most?

  • Why is God's generational faithfulness such a big deal?

  • Are there any false gods you need to put away right now? How will you do that?

  • Have you attempted to worship God and other gods at he same time? Do you agree with Joshua that it's impossible to serve God that way?

  • Who would be helped this week by you sharing about the faithfulness of God? Will you be faithful to share?


  • According to the Bible, the story of God must be told from one generation to another. Every generation matters. It only takes one generation to follow God or forget God. Who will be the next generation person that you will start telling the story of God? One generation to another still matters today.


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