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Meet Jesus - Storyteller Part III

God is not in the business of failing. He has fought for you and has been since the start. He will finish what He started because He promised. He expects you to be faithful and will not fail even if you do.

Each week, as you take in the Bible, find some friends to talk it out. You can follow this simple guide to help. First, R.E.A.D. and P.R.A.Y. on your own. Then, meet with friends to share what you've learned.

R - Repeated words

E - Examine and mark

A - Ask what you learn about God

D - Do if there is anything to do

P - Praise

R - Repent

A - Ask

Y - Yield

Sunday's Message Text: Joshua 23

Bible Plan Readings - Week 34


  • We are currently in a teaching series called Storyteller based on the story of God in Joshua. From Sunday's message in Joshua 23 or the Meet Jesus Bible Reading Plan this week, what is impacting you the most? Was there a word, phrase, Bible verse, or theme that impacted you?


  • Based on Joshua 23, did Joshua slow down in his mission in his old age? What examples do you have to support your answer? What motivated him still?

  • From verses 3-5, how did God "fight" for Joshua's generation? What about God is significant to Joshua?

  • Knowing God is doing his part, what does Joshua tell his generation to do in verses 6-11? What happens if this generation doesn't follow through in verses 12-13?

  • What encourages Joshua as he looks to the end of his life in verse 14? What about God has strengthened Joshua all these years?

  • In verses 15-16, what are the consequences for not keeping the covenant made with God? Why would Joshua say this right before his death? Do you believe Joshua is thinking about the next generation to follow him?


  • How does God encourage you today knowing he fights for you, and that he's been doing it from the start?

  • Do you believe God will finish what He started in you? What about God specifically gives you confidence?

  • Why does God expect you to be faithful to Him? What gives Him the right to expect that?

  • How encouraging is it to know "not one word has failed of all the good things the Lord your God promised concerning you"? How has God already proven this true?

  • Now that you have spent time thinking about Joshua and the story of God in Joshua, do you find yourself more concerned or less concerned with the next generation that follows you? Any next steps?


  • Martin Lloyd Jones said, "Here is the crucial matter. Do we really believe God still acts, can act, will act?" So, do you believe God has not, does not, and will not fail? How will you put your faith into action for this generation and the next?


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